Welcome to Ruth Fisher School

Home of the colts

Parents and Guests:

Welcome to Ruth Fisher Elementary, the home of the Colts! As you navigate the site, we hope you are inspired to come and visit with us. At Ruth Fisher, we are on a mission to develop ready learners and a responsible citizenry. We know this mission is a process and a journey more than it is a destination, and likewise know that it requires a collective commitment of students, staff, parents, and community. We humbly ask that you join us in this very worthy mission!

As we look to the upcoming year with gleeful anticipation, we also look to the past to celebrate the many successes and the initiatives, which we have implemented. Ruth Fisher Elementary School has adopted the Kids at Hope philosophy that all kids are capable of success - no exceptions! When you visit our campus, you will notice the signage. When you speak to our kids, you will hear them discuss their dreams and visions of the future. We ask and encourage you, the parents or other involved adults, to join us in sharing with the kids that they are talented, smart and capable of success.

As a high-needs school in a rural setting, we are always looking for parent or community volunteers to join our team. If you have a desire to serve our common cause, please stop by our district office to get a volunteer packet and give your fingerprints.

Thank you for taking the time and interest to visit our website. I extend to you our very best regards!

Rene Molina

Rene Molina