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Ruth Fisher Parent Teacher Organization

The Ruth Fisher Parent Teacher Organization provides wonderful support and leadership for our school and our students. PTO events and fundraisers provide valuable resources such as Accelerated Reading Programs, class equipment and supplies, office equipment, appliances, and much more. The PTO is an essential and valued part of our school and our community. We welcome your participation in the Ruth Fisher PTO. You set a great example for our students and help provide them with resources and opportunities for learning.

For more information about our PTO, please visit our PTO website.

Ruth Fisher PTO Mission

“We enhance the quality of our children’s school environment with the cooperative efforts of the parents, guardians, staff members, and members of our community. We support the staff by funding approved purchases and requests and by enhancing the school campus. We strive to build our membership and participation.”

How Can You Help?

  1. Give us your ideas and suggestions for fundraisers or events.
  2. Attend a PTO meeting.
  3. Encourage your friends and family to support the PTO.
  4. Attend PTO family nights and events.
  5. Volunteer to help at a PTO event.
  6. Serve on a PTO committee.
  7. Turn in Campbell’s Soup labels to your child’s teacher or the office.
  8. Turn in General Mills box tops to your child’s teacher or the office.
  9. Send PTO the seven digit number off the back of your Fry’s card.