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All about Our School

We welcome you to Ruth Fisher Middle School. We’re dedicated to providing a bright future for all of our students as they engage in the productive struggle required for learning and achieving. Ruth Fisher students receive an excellent education that inspires them to become active, contributing members of a responsible citizenry. Our staff believes in three central commitments: individual high expectations, unity and collaboration, and providing the students with the best learning opportunities possible.

We honor the worth and potential of every child and offer a wide variety of educational opportunities to reach all personalities and learning styles, both inside and outside of the classroom. Our caring and cooperative community makes Ruth Fisher a truly special place. Our parent teacher organization is extremely active and affords our kids opportunities that shore up our school efforts and create a true sense of school family. Our school is a community resource, where people come together, share ideas, and work for the benefit of our students.

Ruth Fisher Features

  • Creative Tots Program (preschool program)
  • Embedded Enrichment 
  • Physical Education Program
  • Jr. High Athletics
  • Robotics
  • National Junior Honor Society
  • ELL Program
  • Special Education Program
  • One-to-One Digital Devices
  • Student Council
  • Computer Lab
  • Tutoring Program
  • Inter-District Science Instruction
  • Art Club
  • Field Trips
  • Band